Read What Participants Say about Judy's WINNERS! Workshops
Thank you for validating what I do and acknowledging the value of books and stories. This workshop is like a shot of "you go, girl." My budget is so low,  I would never see all these great books without you. I must pick just a few of the very best, and you really support my work.  
                  --Laura Flandera, School Library Media Specialist, Robert Erskine School, Ringwood, NJ  
I have been a consecutive attendee for nearly 15 years (minus flood year!) and look forward to this day every year. 
                          --Dr. Barbara Sergeant, Superintendent of Schools, Readington Township, NJ  
Judy's knowledge of books, presentation skills, familiarity with GS standards, understanding of climate in our schools, humor, is, well, there's no equal! Thanks!  
 --Mary Kirkegard, School Library Media Specialist & Technology Instructor, Hewitt School, Ringwood, NJ 
I was very happy to see so many people in attendance! Judy was amazing, as usual. Attendance each year always sparks my imagination and inner author who is just waiting to burst out. I loved the selection of 4-6 grade books.  
--Mary Anne Dunphy, 6th grade teacher & Summer Story Hour, Washington Middle School & Harrison Public Library, Harrison, NJ  
Thank you! I just ordered your new Storytelling book. Can't wait to see it. I always leave feeling refreshed, energized, and excited. I want to be you when I grow young!   
  --Janine Guida Poutre,  School Library Media Specialist, Marshall Elementary School, South Orange, NJ 
I work in coal county Pennsylvania in an underserved community. It is a book desert. This program is my oasis! You help me help the children who need it the most. 
 --Michelle Wells, School Library Media Specialist, K-4, Mahanoy Area School District, Mahanoy City, PA
I love how Judy mixes in humorous slides and stories with all the material! There is so much information which is great, but it's nice to break it up a bit. You have to keep doing Winners!
             --Brittin Clark, Library Assistant, Ridgewood Public Library, Ridgewood, NJ
So much appreciate Judy's support for teaching and our profession! We really need this! Of course, Judy always re-stimulates my passion for the best job ever- Children's Librarian!    
        --Barbara Lipski, School Library Media Specialist, Central Park East School II, New York City, NY
Don't cancel Winners! This is the single best education in-service I have ever attended! 
                 --Stacy Contreras, School Library Media Specialist, Heights School, Oakland, NJ  
Judy gives new insight into children's books. She helps point out lessons and activities that educators may not have thought of before to tie in to books. 
             --Jennifer Cullen, Library Assistant, Cliffside Park Public Library, Cliffside Park, NJ
Absolutely should have this every year! It is a wealth of information so valuable to all in early education.   
                 --Elizabeth Jemas, School Library Media Specialist, Valley View School, Montville, NJ  
Best day ever! Hope to be back. Can't wait to read as many of these wonderful books as I can and share share share them with my students and colleagues. 
                          --Suzanne Kaplan, Kindergarten teacher, Kent Place School, Summit, NJ  
Ten year attendee and look forward to it all year! Truly love the "discussion points" included in some Germs. Definitely connected to Danielson Evaluation Tool and Common Core.  
                 --Katie Kowalewski, School Library Media Specialist, C R Applegate School, Freehold, NJ  
I look forward each year to Judy's funny, insightful, inspiring, and personal look at the year's books and her amazing suggestions of what we can do with them. Whether I have already read them or am hearing them for the first time, Judy's read-aloud excerpts bring them vividly to life and make me a better librarian. I can't imagine a year without Winners! 
          --Carol Simon Levin,  Public Librarian & Storyteller, Somerset County Library,  Bridgewater, NJ  
This is my first year as a Media Specialist, and this workshop was amazing! So many wonderful books and ideas. I can't wait to put them to use. 
                            --Dina Stoff,  School Library Media Specialist, Woods Road School, Hillsborough, NJ  
 I am retiring this year, but I could not resist one more year enjoying and learning from Judy Freeman. It is her annual workshop that took a new elementary school librarian and turned her into one well-versed in the books for her students.
                 --Cassie Seaman, School Library Media Specialist, Roebling Elementary School, Roebling,  NJ  
The highlight of the year for professional development. Provides information that I use throughout the year- presented in a fun way! I take my cues from Judy when I'm booktalking or just doing Reader's Advisory....and hundreds of kids are the beneficiaries.                                                                                                                                 
  •   Jane Folger, Youth Services Coordinator, Maplewood Memorial Library, Maplewood , NJ
Fantastic. Thank you!  Most all-day workshops have you tired before lunch. Judy Freeman's dynamic and audience participatory workshop guarantees many nuggets of knowledge all day long.
                                    -Liz Lien,  School Library Media Specialist, Riverside School, Princeton, NJ  
I have been coming to Winners since Judy's last year with Alice Yucht and would not miss this. So many new ideas, songs, and lessons. Thank you for the book and all the hard work that goes into this day!

                      --Barb Antoniewicz, Media Specialist, Village Elementary School, Skillman, NJ  

I have been coming to Winners for many years! You are one in a million. I use your suggestions for teaching, your gifts to us, and your knowledge. All your hard work is appreciated! 

                  --Susan Kaplan, Resource Teacher, Westfield School System, Westfield, NJ  

Thank you for continuing to provide such a wonderful workshop filled with so much I can bring back to school and use with my students right away. You always introduce me to books that I haven't seen before attending your workshop.
          --Nancy Clark,  School Library Media Specialist, Fairview Elementary School, Bloomfield, NJ  
Wonderful inspiration from this day! So helpful to have a selection of books and activities. It helps to break through the overwhelming number of books available. 
              --Susan McCabe, School Library Media Specialist, Hamilton School, Bridgewater, NJ  
I have been attending this workshop for years. I wouldn't miss it! We use these books throughout our classes and to advise our parents, as well. Love the follow-up activities in response to the books. 
     --Marilyn Roth, Director of General Studies, Politz Day School, Cherry Hill, NJ  
Judy Freeman's entertaining and lively workshop brought many books to life! Her enthusiasm about reading and books is contagious!
  --Jason Goldberg, School Library Media Specialist, Cole Manor Elementary School, Norristown, PA  
Love all the interactive examples and Judy's contagious enthusiasm for children's literature! Bravo!
                     --Leslie Ries, Resource Teacher, Grades 1-3, Van Sciver School, Westmont, NJ  
Thanks, Judy, for once again recharging my "teaching battery." I look forward to sprinkling some of your magical reading pixie dust among my readers.   
--Sally Susan Heyder, School Library Media Specialist, Washington, McKinley, & Tamaques Schools, Westfield, NJ  
Thank you for all the choices for Middle readers and even a few YA!   
          --Meghan Murray, School Library Media Specialist, Montclair Kimberley Academy, Montclair, NJ 
This was my first "Judy Freeman" workshop, and I enjoyed it tremendously! I read book reviews and order the books,  but I am so busy with my lesson planning, computer issues, and juggling 39 volunteers that I have little time to read/explore the new books I've ordered! I also got some great ideas and some innovative ways to do things!  
 --Patricia McCarty, School Library Media Specialist, Benedict A Cucinella Elementary School, Long Valley, NJ
 I have had the pleasure of attending almost a decade's worth of Judy Freeman's workshops. There has not been one year where I haven't left without a dozen activities that I can use in my classroom the very next day. 
            --Janet Warbeck, ESL teacher grades K-2, Jefferson School, Summit, NJ 
Such a delight to experience the joy of books and great stories. Quite a change from the push for librarians to be only technologists. So many schools are forgetting that the word librarian comes from "librus"- book. A wonderful day! So inspirational!   
             --Maureen Cuschieri, School Library Media Specialist, Oradell Public Schools, Oradell, NJ
Beautiful day that took me to amazingly wonderful places!!  
  --Lisa Capone-Steiger, Principal, Burnet Hill School, Livingston, NJ  
Can not wait for next year! This was my first Winners and I love everything Judy had to offer! I make monthly classroom books and now I have new ideas thanks to Judy Freeman... 
    --Desiree Reuter, After-school Kindergarten Aide/Library, Margaret Mace School, North Wildwood, NJ  
You are still so inspirational and have loads of enthusiasm and energy! Thanks for all your insights and for doing the "heavy lifting" with all your books for us when we teachers don't have the time. 
                                    --Susan Coleridge, Adjunct Professor, Rider University, Lawrence, NJ  
Extremely valuable for Language Arts teachers and librarians! Hope to see you again next year! After returning to reaching after taking off to raise 3 kids, Winners is such a wonderful resource!
            --Kim Galiano, 6th grade ILA (Language Arts) & K-4 Librarian, St. Benedict School, Holmdel, NJ  
I have been coming to Judy's workshop for years, and they just keep getting better! Her enthusiasm recharges me and makes me want to become better at my craft! At least for a day, the drudgery education can sometimes become slips away, and I go home remembering why I went into this field in the first place. 
      --Susan Linder, School Library Media Specialist K-8, New Foundations Charter School, Philadelphia, PA
I can't wait to get back to school using these books! Judy really brings the books to life and makes us believe we can use them to spread a love of reading to our students. Thank you! 
           --Kathy Lewin, School Library Media Specialist 4-6, Pleasant Valley School, Mullica Hill, NJ  
Judy, waiting for next year is not easy! You are my star! Thank you.
                       --Andrea Zalesakova, Public Librarian, Lambertville Public Library, Lambertville, NJ  
Highlight of my year. Calling ALL reading specialist, librarians, literacy coaches, and elementary teachers! 
                  --JoAnn Carmichael, School Library Media Specialist, C B Lamb School, Wrightstown, NJ  
As a long time teacher but first year librarian, this workshop provided me with a vast array of ideas to bring back to the library and truly have the kids engaged. 
                --Tami Peterson, School Library Media Specialist, Whitehall Elementary School, Norristown, PA  
I look forward to this each year! Winners is so helpful when choosing books and creating lesson plans. My kids love Reader's Theater. 
   --Sherrie Rosnick, School Library Media Specialist, Fort Dix Elementary/ Newcomb School, Fort Dix, NJ  
I love coming to this workshop! Judy is so energetic! She inspires me to be a better librarian. 
        -Jennifer Diegnan, School Library Media Specialist, Jefferson Elementary School, Maplewood, NJ    
I am always impressed by the quality of Judy's presentation and the venues. It took me 2 1/2 hours to drive here today-- and it was worth every minute! Judy rocks!  
                 --Ann Chase, Librarian & K-8 Special Education Teacher, Eagle Hill School, Greenwich, CT  
Your workshop recharges me! I always come away from the workshop with tons of great ideas to share with my students and teachers. 
             --Christine Morgan, School Library Media Specialist, Toll Gate Grammar School, Pennington, NJ
Purred like a cat...Sped like a train....Roared like a tiger....Aahed like a frog....What a magical event with our beloved Judy Freeman. Bravo!
                                    -Andrea Zalesakova, Public Librarian, Lambertville, NJ  
For  the past 10 years, you have never disappointed us. I will arrive at school tomorrow rejuvenated and ready to head into the home stretch of the school year with tons of great, new,  practical ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!
                                                         --Brenna Greer, School Library Media Specialist, Morganville, NJ  
This is my favorite workshop of the year. I love the fact that I can leave with the actual books (from Books, Bytes, & Beyond), and have ideas on how to use them in the library. Long live The Winners! Workshop.
                                                        --Lori DeMatte, School Library Media Specialist, Vineland, NJ  
It was a pleasure to hear reviews of the best books and get ideas for lessons. I felt like I was really swallowed up into the books and how to read and experience them.
                                                       --Holly Savoy, kindergarten teacher, Ewing, NJ  
Love, love, love spending a day with Judy and all these wonderful books! Better than chocolate! Love that it is all in the handbook.
                                                      --Marcia Lloyd, School Library Media Specialist, Wildwood, NJ  
The workshop was wonderful. Judy's endless energy,  terrifically expressive voices, and obvious joy in her work made the day. Thank you! 
                                                        -Caroline Quinones, Public Library Associate, Princeton Public Library, NJ  
I attend Winners year after year. How could you not? Every year we are all treated to a day with books--nothing better. Judy gives us practical next day ways to use all sorts of books. We are luck to learn about infusing books into the Common Core. Just as the saying was: NJ and you, perfect together...Judy and Books, perfect forever!
                                                        --Loreli Stochaj, School Library Media Specialist, Summit, NJ  
As a first-year attendee of Winners, I was very impressed. The handbook is unbelievable, with many ideas. The presentation illuminated the content of the handbook. I'll be sure to attend in future years. 
                                                        --John Lohn, School Library Media Specialist, Scotch Plains, NJ  
Excellent workshop! After attending Winners over the last few years, I know Ms Freeman's conference has clearly established itself as "the library of professionals." An excellent resource. The lessons taught during Winners!  will help nurture students' love of reading.
                                                      --Megan Roberts, School Library Media Specialist, Chatham, NJ  
I love the music and variety of book descriptions! Judy's love of life is contagious!
                                                       --Patty Morrill, School Library Media Specialist, Chatsworth, NJ  
A very well-organized and informative seminar. It is amazing how much Judy can present to her audience in just one day!
                                                    --Holly Boyer, 4th grade teacher, Sea Girt, NJ  
Thank you for another inspiring day. I had my Titlewave app open and created my PO during this workshop. Your handbook creates my lesson plans, too! I may have time to read this summer!
                                                    --Amy King, School Library Media Specialist, Medford, NJ  
Great as always! The student projects were excellent examples. I liked that they could be adapted to not only different grades but could also be applied to different subject areas. Fantastic tools shown to align with current curriculum! Judy, you "knocked it out of the park" this year! Thanks.
                                                   --Carol Dempsey, School Library Media Specialist, Holmdel, NJ  
Such a great day -- wish it could go on! I can't imagine a better way to get a handle on a year's worth of wonderful books and how to enhance their presentation to children.
                                                    -Brittin Clark, Public Library Associate, Ridgewood Public Library, NJ  
Judy Freeman's enthusiasm for books is infectious. Hoping to carry that enthusiasm back to my students to inspire them in the same way that she inspired me.
                                                  --Kathy Merklinger, School Library Media Specialist, Edison, NJ  
In spite of all the educational nonsense going on these days which seems to crush any enthusiasm in teachers, Judy's workshop reignites an excitement for books which had seemed to be lost. I can't believe anyone leaves a presentation by Judy not revitalized and excited once again about sharing books.
                                                 --Cassie Seaman, School Library Media Specialist, Roebling, NJ  
Judy Freeman is an inspiration! Some of my (okay, a lot of my) favorite lessons that I teach come from Judy's workshops!
                                                --Cheryl Bonsall, School Library Media Specialist, Northfield, NJ  
I have been a devotee of this workshop for 15 years. I rely on Judy's suggestions to guide our purchases and to aim me toward awesome books for kids and teachers.
                                                --Dr. Barbara Sergeant, Superintendent of Schools, Readington Township, NJ  
Judy's Winners Workshop is a must for anyone who teaches.  It's my favorite workshop to attend because I get ideas I can incorporate the next day. In today's world of education, this workshop always shows me how to connect books to the curriculum (this year--the core curriculum). 
                                                                   --Loreli Stochaj, School Library Media Specialist, Summit, NJ  
Judy's enthusiasm for quality children's literature is contagious. I appreciate her honest evaluation of the newest books in print. Follow-up activity suggestions are wonderful and easy to implement in the classroom.  
                                                               --Laurie Lester, Reading Specialist, Englewood, NJ
My first Winners Workshop--Absolutely the best! So many good books--so many good ideas! Can't wait to use them in my library lessons. 
                                                                        --Cathy Eng, School Library Media Specialist, Haledon, NJ  
Loved it again! This is my tenth year coming to the Winners! Workshop. Even when it can't be funded by school, it's worth every penny of my own money to attend the workshop! 
                                                                          --Lisa Conry, 6th grade Language Arts teacher,  Stillwater, NJ  
Thanks again, Judy and your crew for sharing and inspiring. Books are positively powerful when shared aloud! 
                                                 --Katie Kowalewski, School Library Media Specialist, Freehold, NJ  
Great ideas. Loved Judy's enthusiasm, experience, and expertise. Loved that you could buy the books that she discussed during the workshop from Owl Books.   
                                                                 --Robyn Toledo, School Library Media Specialist, Bloomingdale, NJ  
I LOVE this workshop! It is my annual dose of uplifting and encouragement. The only problem is I spend too much money because I cannot wait to own the books. Judy makes them all sound so wonderful.  
                                                             --Mary Ann Dunphy, Public Librarian, Harrison Public Library, NJ  
We love Judy!  This is always my favorite workshop of the year. Thank you for another fantastic Winners!
                                                      --Janet Yunghans, School Library Media Specialist, Mays Landing, NJ  
Judy "wowed" us again. This was my 20th year. Judy never disappoints!  
                                                                               --Gayle Stein, School Library Media Specialist, Madison, NJ  
Best workshop I attend all year! Content drives my decisions about collection development for K-8 since I manage 2 libraries covering 13 grade levels. Including Common Core input is such a help since we all have to take this into consideration. Invaluable input for "stretched" librarians!   
                                                                       --Linda Frazer, School Library Media Specialist, Tuxedo Park, NY  
This workshop truly helps me decide what to purchase for my library. I have been paying out of my own pocket for the past 3 years. It's invaluable!  
                                                                --Linda Murphy, School Library Media Specialist, Morristown, NJ  
Excellent! Such fun & so useful to talk books and how to use them, as opposed to the "edu-babble" that surrounds us. This is what politicians have no clue about.  
                                                     --Nina Lowe, Pre-K to 5 Autism & Pre-K to 5 School Library Media Specialist, Princeton,  NJ  
I miss books! All my attention has been on the CCS. I have forgotten the true magic of a REAL book. This workshop transported me back to 1st grade and my love of a NEW book.    
                                                                --Lindsay Hensle, 2nd grade teacher, Atlantic Heights, NJ  
Going to a Judy Freeman Workshop always gives me the boost I need (and the ideas I need) to end the school year with the same BANG as I began it!  
                                                                 --Elizabeth Stern, School Library Media Specialist, Cherry Hill, NJ  
Judy "wowed" us again. This was my 20th year. Judy never disappoints!  
                                                                                                     --Gayle Stein, School Librarian, Madison, NJ  
By this time of year, the books are getting tired to me. Winners re-motivates me to get back into using books again. I get vitalized and energized by Judy. Thank you.   
                                                                                                   --Kathie Cirelli, Media Specialist, Bloomfield, NJ  
"Judy reads books" and Judy works hard!   
                                                                --Mary Kirkegard, School Library Media Specialist, Ringwood, NJ  
So appreciative of this day as an opportunity to hear Judy's reviews and network with colleagues...So important! Thank you. 
                                                         --JoAnn Carmichael,  School Library Media Specialist, Englewood, NJ  
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  Always a pleasure. Hoping this can continue on...You are an inspiration!! 
                                           --Cindy Ranieri, School Library Media Specialist, McGuire Air Force Base, NJ  
As a public children's librarian, Judy's workshop has given me new insights on using books and mini-book talks to reach my patrons.   
                                              --Janice People, Children's Librarian, Plainfield Public Library, NJ
Judy, you're fabulous--at the top of your game!! 
                                                                      --Sandy Rosoff, School Library Media Specialist, Englewood, NJ  
I haven't been able to attend for the past couple of years. I truly missed it. As always, Judy's passion and expertise are invigorating.  
                                                                --Greg Slomczewski, Educational Media Specialist, Flemington, NJ  
Another FABULOUS conference, Judy. Thanks for introducing me to a few "must haves" and providing a whole buffet of wonderful ideas to inspire all of my readers.  
                                                               --Sally Susan Heyder, School Library Media Specialist, Westfield, NJ  
Awesome as always! Can't wait for #30. As I tell my admins, Judy Freeman is my Librarian Idol! 
                                                              --Alisen Vallejo, School Library Media Specialist, Sicklerville, NJ  
Wonderful workshop! Judy provided so many great details and background info for many amazing books. The handbook is an awesome reference guide. Judy was enthusiastic and entertaining! I look forward to reading many of her favorite picks!
                                                                --Gina Boyles, Basic Skills teacher, 1st grade, Bayville, NJ  
I have been coming to see Judy for years (early 90s). I also love your songs! Please continue to bring us your wonderful workshop. You always inspire me.  
                                                               --Mary Christine Iacobucci, kindergarten teacher, Wayne, NJ
Gets better every year! Love the complete lesson plans this time. 
                                                               --Cathy Miller, School Library Media Specialist, Wrightstown,  NJ  
Judy Freeman is the BEST at what she does. The workshops are always interesting. 
                                                               --Lugene Trefsger, School Library Media Specialist, Bridgeton,  NJ  
Winners is a great tool.  I've incorporated many activities from the handbook and workshop into my library program. Just a thank you for your passion and creativity. Thank you so much for your time and dedication to helping us reach children through a love of books and reading. 
  • Chris Detrick, Holland Township School Librarian, Milford, NJ
You are an inspirational shot in the arm for all of us.
  • Patricia Sutton, Media Specialist, Hillcrest School, Morristown, NJ

 I look forward to your Winners workshop every year - it is the lifeblood of my program.  To my way of thinking if you were to just publish the book it wouldn't have the same impact or effect - actually seeing the book and hearing you read parts of it is the best. Although I read reviews and get a ton of great books throughout the year, I always look forward to your recommendations and your handbook is my bible!

  •  Nancy Gridley, Westbrook School and Marshall Hill School, West Milford, NJ
I have been coming to Winners since the Alice days. Fortunately, my district is supportive of me and this workshop. Winners is the only workshop I attend and I look forward to it every year.  Many of your songs and activities have added so much to my own classroom. 
  • Barb Antoniewicz, VES Media Specialist, Montgomery Township School District, Skillman, NJ  

Thank you for all the wonderful years that I have attended your seminars.  I feel like I know you personally and you have made a great impact on the way I have become an enthusiastic storyteller.
  •  Debbie Morillo, Librarian, Ravine Drive School, Matawan, NJ
Your workshop has been so helpful in that I can see these great books and pick out the ones I know will circulate, and that way I get the good ones without over ordering.  Plus your wonderful presentation helps me know the books without reading every single one of them, not to mention the fantastic presentation ideas.
  • Jennifer Sirak, Children's Librarian, The Lambertville Free Public Library, Lambertville, NJ
You have no idea how much you’ve influenced my library instruction, let alone all the wonderful book purchases I’ve made due to your presentation and handbook.
  • Sherrie Rosnick, School Library Media Specialist, Fort Dix Elementary/ Newcomb School, Pemberton, NJ
In this time of technology, glogs, blogs, QRs, etc. (not that there is anything wrong with them), I think we really need to hear your passion for books.
  • Roberta Baltin, School Library Media Specialist , Tuscan  Elementary School, Maplewood, NJ
You do that which no one else does.  My day with you is the genesis of my book order for the following year. And as I slog through some of these very long days, you are the event to which I hold out hope;  we’re getting close to the end of another busy and fulfilling year.  Suddenly, after our seminar together I am refreshed and rejuvenated, and I can’t wait to place a book order so that I can share the wonderful new materials with our students the following year.  I have spent a day where I feel valued for my career choice.  Have I remember to say “thank you”? 
  • JoAnn Carmichael, Librarian, Atlantis School, Wrightstown, NJ
You really do give me new inspiration each year and I have used your suggestions countless times in my first grade classroom.  
  • Sharon Rogers Rotundo, Lake Placid Central School, Lake Placid, NY
You have worked so hard on Winners for so many years and it has been a joy for me for every year that I have attended.  I could tell you over and over again how valuable Winners has been to me.  It has reached the point where I don't trust any of the other BEST lists but I always trust yours. 
  • Amy Miele, School Media Specialist, South Valley Elementary School, Moorestown NJ
I come to your workshop for your presentation.  It is just fabulous.  You have made me a better librarian.  My story times have really come alive with your ideas.  The presentation is what stays with me.
  • Holly Hoskins, Youth Services Librarian, Evesham Public Library, Marlton, NJ  
 I gleaned so many valuable lesson ideas from your seminar that I wouldn’t dream of missing it!
  •    Kathryn Pandise, School Library Media Specialist, Hubbard Elementary Sch ool , Ramsey , NJ
 I have looked forward to this program every year, as my birthday gift to myself.  
  •   Robin Canelli, School Library Media Specialist, Joyce Kilmer Elementary School, Mahwah, NJ
I love your Winners program.  It is so informative and your enthusiasm carries me throughout the year.  You   give me so many ideas for booktalking and for doing my job as a librarian. You are the answer to ‘how many ways can you enjoy a book?” The Winners Workshop is one of those valuable tools for keeping us psyched about our jobs and for using books in creative ways.                                                                                                                                   
  •   Jane Folger, Youth Services Coordinator, Maplewood Memorial Library, Maplewood , NJ
 have always admired your enthusiasm, your spirit and your energy. I loved you as a teacher, as a matter of fact. I believe your course was one of my best at Pratt. Winners is a great program. I am always happy to listen to your suggestions and see how you engage your audience. It is important to be able to communicate with one another.
  • Sophie Blavet, Librarian, Morris Plains School District, Morris Plains, NJ
Let me just say that I’ve been coming to your workshops for 22 years and use your Winners as the basis for my curriculum.
  • Michele Freschi, Media Specialist, Parkway Elementary School, Paramus , NJ
I have always been amazed at your enthusiasm for this workshop and have heard you say many times that it's your favorite - ours too!!!  
  • Margaret Cilia, Librarian/Teacher of Gifted & Talented, Franklin School, Rahway, NJ
Your books are a fantastic resource (which we use constantly) but the presentation is one-of-a-kind. There is just no one like you out there!
  • Roberta Panjwani, Supervising Librarian, Ridgewood Public Library, Ridgewood, NJ
Winners recharges me!
  • Christine Morgan, School Library Media Specialist, Toll Gate Grammar School, Pennington, NJ


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