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2017 Winners! Handbook: A Closer Look at Judy Freeman's Top-Rated Children's Books of 2016 

The 2017 WINNERS! Handbook: 
A Closer Look At Judy Freeman's
Top-Rated Children's Books of 2016
by Judy Freeman
Bound to Stay Bound Books, 2017.
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Judy Freeman's latest comprehensive handbook is an invaluable resource for librarians, classroom teachers, reading specialists, BSI teachers, Gifted & Talented teachers, and all who love children's literature. It  includes Judy's 128 best books of 2016,  teachers' lesson plans, kids' work, songs, stories, lists, ideas galore, and a full index. This handbook was developed to go with her 33rd Annual Winners! Workshop that she presented across New Jersey in May 2017.  If you can't make it to Judy's Winners! Workshop or one of her "What's New in Children's Literature seminars for BER (Bureau of Educational Research;, this all-new edition of The Winners! Handbook is a mighty good substitute. The 2017 Winners! Handbook is available exclusively from Bound to Stay Bound Books (