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2018 Winners! Handbook: A Closer Look at Judy Freeman's Top-Rated Children's Books of 2017 

The 2018 WINNERS! Handbook: 
A Closer Look At Judy Freeman's
Top-Rated Children's Books of 2017
by Judy Freeman
Bound to Stay Bound Books, 2018.
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If you want one book that will guide you through the best books of the year and stimulate your creativity, buy Judy Freeman's latest Winners! handbook. It is an essential resource for public and school librarians, classroom teachers, reading specialists, BSI teachers, Gifted & Talented teachers, administrators, and all who love children's literature.

Summary: In the first half of this book, you will find "The Annotated Booklist," with thorough, honest and lively evaluations of 100+ exemplary children's books, all published in 2017, chosen by the author. The next section, "Celebrating Children's Books," contains lists, lesson plans, worksheets, writing prompts, and teaching units.